Birthday wishes for kids

1. I wish you win the battles, cross miles and achieve your goals always. May blessing are with you child. Happy birthday!

2. You are my favorite radio station, tv channel and mobile app! I simply never get tired of being with and around you. I love you child. Happy birthday!

3. I never want to see you cry and therefore, on this birthday I just want to let you know that you are a strong kid. Never let anyone make you feel down. Happy birthday!

4. Never let the faith in you die, no matter what others day. You are strong, beautiful and an honest human being. Happy birthday child!

5. You are too cute to handle. One request please- don't grow too soon! Happy birthday dear baby!

6. Walk with pride and know that I am always there for you, no matter what! Be blessed! Happy birthday kid.

7. May you get lots of gifts and amazing surprises on your birthday and may you be the happiest soul today! Happy birthday dear child!

8. You are young and new, but you are also wise and smart. I wish you good luck with your future endeavors in life! Happy birthday!

9. On this special day of yours, I just to tell you that you are the most special person of my life and I love you to the Pluto and back! Happy birthday baby!

10. Enjoy every single day and make the most of your teenage, because these days are never going to come back! Happy birthday to you dear child!

11. I wish all the luxury, joy, prosperity and lucky to you on your birthday. Stay blessed child! Happy birthday!

12. On your birthday today, i wish that may all your dreams come true and you become a very successful person in life ahead. Happy birthday.

13. Happy birthday my dear child, may this year bring you lots of fun and enjoyment and you celebrate this day with your little friends.

14. Many many happy returns of the day dear, enjoy your childhood while you can. Happy birthday dear.

15. Happy birthday sweetheart, may this day be filled with surprises and chocolates and may you get to play with your friends without getting scold.

16. It is always a great opportunity to see you smile and on this day I wish you smile even wider. Happy birthday.

17. Happy birthday champ, always remember we all love you endlessly and you are our hero.

18. Happy birthday the most cute and adorable kid ever, we love you. Stay blessed child.

19. Happy birthday kiddo, may you get a doraemon for your birthday this year.

20. Celebrating your birthday while you're still young is always more fun. Happy birthday and keep celebrating.

21. Have a fantastic birthday this year and may you be blessed with lots of gifts.

22. My champion is growing up and i would never miss a chance to wish him on this day. Happy birthday dear.

23. Happiness begins with the smile on your face and i want to cherish this forever. Happy birthday little superstar.

24. As you grow up, you will understand that childhood was the best time of your life. Happy birthday kid.

 25. Did i mention? That your birthday is equally special to me. Happy birthday my little Rockstar. Finding you was the best part of life.


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